Steve and Tool Logic-horiz


When I invented my first product and founded Tool Logic®, everything I ever learned came together in one moment:

The product that launched Tool Logic® came to me literally in a dream.  I woke up at 3am with an image in my mind: A flat, credit card with tools stored inside.  I got up and sketched it out, improving the concept as I considered the idea in more depth.  By 9am I’d had a few more hours of sleep and I was ready to transfer the rough sketches to my computer.  Using Adobe Illustrator® I made a line drawing of the case and the interior components.  Then with printouts of these sketches as a guide,  I used a Dremel® tool and some old cassette tape boxes to make a sample of the product.  By 2pm I was holding a rough mockup of the idea that had energized my day since 3am.

Now I knew I had something special.  A completely new category of product:  A multi-function Tool Card.  I had been immersed in the specialty knife market for several years and there was nothing like it on the market.  My new invention was very slim at about 1/8” (4mm), credit card shaped and the tools were a good working size.  It would fit in a wallet.  This was a winner.  People would love it.  It was perfect for upscale retail catalogs and stores.

With my experience in advertising and marketing, I started thinking about concepts for packaging and ideas for how best to promote it.  By the evening, I had the rough sample and a basic package layout.  What a day!

The name Tool Logic® came about shortly afterwards.  The company was formally incorporated in January 1995 and then the hard work of marketing the new “Credit Card Companion” began.  Eventually my overnight sensation took almost two years before it really exploded on the market and put Tool Logic® on the map.  It was a wild, roller-coaster ride, but I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it.

In 1995 I founded Tool Logic® and for fifteen years I invented and designed all of its compact, multi-function tools.  My first invention turned out to be a huge success and was followed by over forty more innovative products.  In the process I gained the rather unique experience of being involved in every aspect of inventing, designing, manufacturing and marketing all of these items to a worldwide audience.

The patent office has awarded eight US patents for my work with several more pending.  I have a strong, hands-on knowledge of the Intellectual Property (IP) process. This includes the construction of claims and also a real-world education in both the benefits and limitations of patent protection.

I have twenty years experience sourcing components and working directly with engineers and OEM manufacturers in the USA, Japan, Taiwan and China. I also have over ten years experience in advertising and marketing.

In 2010 I sold Tool Logic® to become involved in a broader range of creative expression. Now, as part of the Step By Step Invention™ team I’m ready to put that experience to work for you.