Step By Step Invention Hook

In the developed world we are all immersed in a “soup” of advertising, marketing and merchandising.  We are constantly bombarded by sales messages from the time we are small children.  I believe that we gain an innate sense of what’s hot and what’s not; of how things are sold to us, how people think and what motivates us to act.

Many products have at least some appeal. A few spark enough interest that people impulsively want the item. In this case we would describe the product or idea as having a “hook”, in the same way that a song is said to have a hook:  A melody or riff that gets inside a your head and makes you want to hear it again. The hook can be based on price, design, function, social status, ease of use, exclusivity or any number of other factors.  But the end result is that it motivates people to seek out and buy your product.

When I’m inventing a product and have reached the point where I can imagine what the finished item would be like, I still need to know if it has this vital quality. The effectiveness of the hook will vary by degrees, but unless I feel it’s there in some form, I won’t pursue the project.  My sense is that without it, it would take too much effort to create a market for the invention.  There are always exceptions to every rule, but in general, if I believe that the product has a “hook” I will be confident in developing it.   Because there should be a solid base of people who will eventually want to buy it.